My Week In Instagram 3

July 22, 2013

So this week was a little quiet from me on the ol' Instagramming front but its been super busy so thats the excuse im sticking to (trust me, its stressful organising stuff when the impending doom of no lounge ceiling is coming) BUT i did manage to do 3 posts, including one that has the most love for a video on my feed yet (17 and counting, I know it seems low but thats pretty high for mine for some odd reason)

Last Mondays OOTD included my dog bite vest from River Island (Buy Here) my last season shorts by Worland available from Urban Outfitters (probably the stupidest price for shorts but im picky and loved them!), my all black Toms from Office (Buy Here), my Ray Ban Original Wayfarers (Buy Here) and my Only NY snapback (Sadly both my Worland shorts and Only NY snapback are now unavailable but similar's are available from Urban Outfitters and Urban Industry)

The music is 'Hothouse' by 78Violet

Last Tuesdays OOTD included my Zara oversized 88 tee, my Worland shorts and my Burgundy Vans, sadly all of which are now not sold anymore, but similar are available from where i've mentioned before or named.

The music is 'Falling' by Haim

Wednesday called for a boiling hot 'I'm grumpy to be at work' selfie which yes, was taken in my car (note the sexy fabric used for the seats, which I don't mind as i'm sitting on it, therefore I can't see it!). Anyone who works in retail will share my sympathy when people use the lines 'its boiling outside' or 'its nice in here with the aircon' DONT MAKE IT WORSE, IM WORKING!

Currently I'm waiting on a order from Urban Outfitters to get here (deal of the century by the way but I wont spoil it yet!) so expect that to be on my Instagram which is iyaajay so follow me if you don't already! Also, Im just going to do a disclaimer saying that every product shown is purchased with my own money, and if sent to me it'll be stated.

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