May 05, 2015

Its no secret that I love ASOS. There isn't honestly a day you don't find me searching through each department looking for the latest trend pieces and must have items that sometimes happen to fall into my basket and subsequently end up on my door (honest mistake really) but this time, I took a massive fashion risk and ordered a pair of shoes that have been called 'the marmite of the shoe world'

I finally decided to source out a pair of sandals (for the dilemma I had, look back at this post) and I hot footed it to this pair which I originally ordered in a 10 UK which turned out to be massive (I had atleast an extra inch of room at the front) which sadly meant that I had to send the original pair back and swap them for a 9 UK which fit perfectly, all with the help of the ASOS Help twitter guys who went out their way to ask the design team if the straps were the same on all the shoes and were the same width which luckily were.

The fit of the shoes are actually really good, especially for an own brand as usually they run smaller etc plus they're incredibly easy to put on using the sturdy zipper on the heel which I also thought would rub but actually is incredibly comfortable (Ive worn these for 2 entire days with no blisters or rubbing)

I also love the mixture of leathers used, where the majority of straps are smooth soft leather with 2 being in contrasting textured leather which adds to the versatility of the shoe. Ive paired these with shorts, chino shorts, skinny jeans etc and they look amazing with everything because of the basic colour and the interesting way the staps go up the foot and ankle (to see one idea of how I styled them, look here)

I really wish they did these in more colours such as a burgundy and a tan as I would seriously recommend them if your not a fan of the Birkenstock or the pool slide (I know its the must have shoe but it doesn't suit me at all so Im gonna pass on them) and also for the price,£35, they're an amazing staple for the summer.

Now wheres that sun?

Love them or loathe them? Let me know below!

Until next time guys,


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