May 22, 2015

Am I one of those weird people who always seems to have an outfit preplanned, ready to break it out when the occasion calls for it? Yep, and I'll proudly admit it. This method of dressing has saved my backside so many times, whether its been packing for holiday, or needing an outfit thats suitable for all day round London, Ive got it covered.

Now its come to one of those occasions and I've got a party to attend on Saturday evening which is the most dreaded of style scenarios, smart casual.

I don't know about you but I hate smart casual. I don't hate it, its more of a mutual discomfort because too smart and you look like you should be heading to work, too casual and you should be in town shopping or lazing round the house. Its a difficult situation, but not anymore.

Ive found the perfect line between smart casual and think this could be applied to any guys in this same situation.



I love the fact that this outfit can be really dressed up and down to create that effortless smart casual vibe most guys crave. 

The addition of accessories such as the watch and the pork pie hat give the outfit interest without being too over the top and taking over from the bold colour of the shirt. My shirt, from Topman last year, has the smaller, more rounded collar that looks smart, with the more texture patterned fabric synonymous with casual dressing. Teamed with the ever stylish skinny jeans, I paired mine with a more laid back pair of chelsea boots instead of going for leather ones as I feel that would make it too dressy. 

The great thing with this outfit is the versatility. If I felt like I needed a change, I could take the watch off and swap my shoes for a pair of DM's and it would look great for a street style look. Take the hat off and slick my hair back and it could be taken a lot smarter, or even as a casual Friday look in the office.

I think guys shouldn't be afraid of preplanning outfits because you never know when your going to need to get ready with limited time and you always want to look your best so why not have a 'in case of emergency' outfit? It works for me!

What would you wear to a smart casual event? Let me know below!

Until next time guys,

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