May 15, 2015

Theres nothing better then picking up pieces for your holiday as it kind of gets you in the mood for those days, lounging by the pool with a rather large strong drink or exploring new locations that kind of take you back. I love updating pieces every year, whether its a new pair of staple shoes for going away or updating my travel toiletries and TK Maxx is always the perfect place to head to for these items.

I found myself heading to the Hove TK Maxx last Saturday whilst nursing probably the 6th cold in 6 months and chugging Sprite Peach (I needed that, preferably in a IV drip as it was stunning) and my aim was to just look around. I always find going in with an open mind is amazing with shopping because you never know what you'll find, plus won't be disappointed if you can't get what you set out for (Its happened many times to me, and I will admit, sometimes I've over reacted)

I always start off in the bags section, I don't know why but I always live in hope of picking up that incredible piece (Im still shocked I found my Michael Kors Jet Set travel bag there) and low and behold it, sat there among the smallest selection I've ever seen was this....

Yep, its the matching travel kit to my Jet Set Luggage carryon.
Now we all know what my reaction was to this.
It went something along the lines of Confessions of a Shopaholics boot scene where she finds those OTT Gucci boots. I swooped down and grabbed it just before anyone else noticed it, which then resulted in being stopped by another guy asking if id be willing to swap and if there was anymore (both my answers resulting in major bitch face and a sturn NO) This Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Travel Kit in Camo roughly retails at a slightly ridiculous price of £140 but I snapped it up for £29.99 which is pretty amazing, especially for the quality.

This leather trimmed PVC travel case is double width which is perfect for storing slightly bulkier items that are harder to fit. The inside has a small zipper mesh pocket with a larger postbox slot pocket at the back. The slight downside of this bag however is the weight of it which means you really have to be careful you don't overstuff it and make it like a lead weight in your suitcase. This is also perfect for weekends away, paired with the Carryon luggage this is identical to, as it fits snuggly into the bag and also still gives you a large amount of room in the carryon.

Whilst still buzzing from what I just found, I thought Id trawl through the huge racks of swimwear to see if I can add another pair to my collection, especially ones that can be used in a more versatile way.

When I found these Franks Australia Zig Zag shorts in Black and White Zigzag I was also pretty taken back at how much I loved them. Ive heard of Franks swimwear before (Its also stocked on ASOSSelfridgesHouse of Fraser and their website) and was quite excited to see what the hype was about. The super thin material is a super high quality and also still is the perfect breathability for wearing outside of the pool. Franks also boasts quick dry technology and their unique hand drawn designs, guaranteeing you to stand out. I love the fact that they aren't super short or super long and hit perfectly at mid thigh which a lot more of a flattering cut for guys with bigger thighs like myself. 

What are you loving for your summer holidays? Let me know below!

Until next time guys,

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