May 19, 2015

As I did feature my latest toiletries bag for my holiday on my last post here I thought id share with you guys what I plan on packing inside it when I head away this year. I know some of these products are subject to change but also some are missing but Ill share what Im planning to do with them etc.

This little beauty has saved me for the past couple of years of going away with dyed hair. I always make sure to pack this for added protection from fading and additional damage from UV rays which usually affects tones of hair colour. I first discovered this when I had my bolder red hair around 2 years ago and Ive sworn by it ever since. As my hairs a lot blonder now and with the addition of the undercut, I love to use this product all over when I put my hair up as it protects my longer hair on top, and also adds an additional barrier to my scalp on the more exposed part. You can pick it up relatively cheaply at Boots but this'll save you especially if you have a bolder colour and don't want to have to deal with extreme fading and colour correction on your return home.

Oh Redken, how can I forget to take you? This little tube works wonders on my hair and is probably the only thing that holds it back when I decide to do a more smart take on my undercut style. I love to use this when my hair is slightly damp to then dry into the hair and makes it a little more 'tacky' and manageable when it comes to tackling it whilst styling. I also love the texture this leaves your hair the next day, perfect for tying up and going on with your day. This product, available here, is a little on the higher end scale, but to me, it does the job of 2 or more products so technically saves me money.

This was my duty free purchase last year and Im still obsessing over it nearly a year later. This scent is probably one of the most interesting scents I've ever smelt and I fell in love with it when lusting over the entire Chanel counter. The fresh, but incredibly manly scent is one that not many people wear and I get a lot of compliments on it which makes my love for it raise just a little higher. The price is a little high for a aftershave, but at duty free I managed to snag a 50ml bottle for around £40 which makes it a little bit more justifiable, especially as it was one of the only things I bought whilst away.

I may decant some of this into some smaller used Molton Brown bottles as this product is a little bulky (like I plan to do with my shampoo as a litre bottle is a little bit excessive to carry in my luggage). This product will work wonders at removing daily build up of grease and suntan lotion as well as trying to sooth sunburn as it leave skin feeling fresh and comfortable.

Your probably sick of me yammering on about this product but I LOVE it to the point of I'm already on my 2nd bottle of this wondrous yellow tinted oil. I think this'll be perfect for holiday as it'll leave skin feeling smoother, sooth burnt skin and also just pep me up in general! This product is ideal for travelling as its a small enough bottle for your toiletries bag and also is perfect if your planning on sharing products with other people too.

Now I'm a little unsure whether this'll make the final cut as I do love it, but I also don't know whether I love it enough to pack it. The Split Fix Serum may work wonders for day 2 hair, especially when styling it, and also smooth down edges when styling it for the evening but I'm not 100% its effective enough to take with me, especially with my Redken paste making the cut.

This is another product that may get substituted for another just because it doesn't work for me at all. I used to use it all the time but then discovered the grey lidded equivalent which works for me so much better then this. I recently started reusing this one and have found out some shocking truths. Yep, it smells great, yep it fights white marks which is brilliant for my predominantly black wardrobe but bugger me, it doesn't work to prevent sweating at all. I have found myself incredibly embarrassed by the lovely sight of darker patches on laughter clothing (I'm looking at your grey marl), and I'm desperately clambering to get my original grey lidded one back to swap this one out!

I always make sure to take a new pack of hairbands with me, because you never know when your going to need one. As me and my mum both end up tying our hair up quite often, these will come in incredibly handy especially when away. I particularly like the Boots thin bands as I've found they do exactly what they set out too and also don't cut in or snag hair like ones that use metal fixtures. I also always make sure I have a nail file and cotton buds too because you never know exactly when your going to need one, plus especially travelling with other people, you never know if they might need them too! 

Whats your travel essentials that always make it wherever you go? Let me know below!

Until next time guys,


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